Kinetic Ring Malas

When I was living at Naitauba Island I was never not busy…all of the time. Adi Da Samraj said that it was OK for me to miss meditation because I had so much service to do. And I missed a lot of meditation. That's why I made myself a ring mala, so that when I was going from here to there I could, at least, practice mala japa when I was perambulating.

One evening a fellow devotee noticed my ring mala and asked if she could borrow it to show it to Bhagavan. The next morning, when she returned it to me she informed me that Bhagavan had worn the ring and done mala japa with it all evening, until He went to bed. When He returned it to her Bhagavan told her to tell me that I should make a ring mala for every devotee.

I haven’t completed that task, so, if you don’t have your ring mala yet, now is a great time to order one. If you are lonely and bored, don’t know what to do with yourself…do mala japa!

A kinetic ring mala is one that (I know, you’re ahead of me) moves. It is constructed of two bands. The outer band, which is set with the beads (gemstones) rotates around a smooth inner band. Both are made of 14k gold. (14k is hard enough to withstand a lifetime of mala japa.)

Because the outer band spins, kinetic mala rings can be worn snugly on the finger or thumb. It can spin freely while securely on your digit. Single band mala rings can be awkward and easily slip out of your fingers, especially if you are using it while walking about.

The image on the green background is an example of a ring mala using cabochons (dome-shaped stones), in this case, emeralds and a white diamond Master bead. The image on the blue background is set with faceted gemstones. This mala ring is ornamented with black diamonds for the nine beads and a larger white diamond for the Master position. If you would like to see more examples of ring malas click here.

There are nine "beads" on a ring mala (or mala ring, whichever you prefer), and the Master bead, which I usually represent with a diamond. The other "beads" are usually gemstones. The gemstones can be of any type, or they don't have to be gemstones. A half-sphere of gold can be used to make the beads, but the Master bead should be of something that sets it apart from the other beads.

Don't have your ring mala yet? No wonder you're not seeing things by now!